Ouchi-juku Gourmet Trip

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Have a gourmet adventure in Ouchi-juku, Aizu. The Aizu area of Fukushima Prefecture is known for its eclectic and delicious foods, not to mention the absolutely fantastic scenery. Enjoy this one-day itinerary that you can do at any time of year by public transport. Walk your way through Ouchi-juku and admire the local sights and cuisine.
You’ll arrive at Ouchi-juku by bus from Yunokami Onsen Station. The unique architecture will be a feast for your eyes but the real feasting will begin once you arrive at Misawaya. At Misawaya, you can experience any of the three amazing shops; take a lunch of authentic buckwheat noodles, called soba, or try some of the local Japanese sake, or if alcohol isn’t your thing, why not enjoy a refreshing cup of hot green tea? Refresh yourself at Misawaya and then venture out to Honke Kanouya. While there might not be much to munch on at Honke Kanouya, you can instead please your other senses with the local handicrafts of the area. Find some delightful souvenirs to take home. Finish off your visit just around the corner from Honke Kanouya; here you’ll find Sabo Yamadaya Café, a lovely café that fully displays the charms of the Aizu region in their décor and food. You should definitely try some of their snow-cured coffee (yukimuro coffee) while you’re there!


Yunokami Onsen Station

Ouchi-juku is 20 min by bus (or taxi) from Yunokami Onsen Station.

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  • Aizu Area
  • 45

Feel like you've jumped into the past in Fukushima Prefecture’s Ouchi-juku. This isolated village boasts rows of thatched-roof houses with no telephone poles in sight, making you feel at one with the people who lived here hundreds of years ago. Nestled in the southwestern mountains of Fukushima, Ouchi-juku is a great spot to visit thanks to its unique charm and history.

A 2 min walk from central Ouchi-juku.

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Misawaya Restaurant

  • Aizu Area
  • 60

The main restaurant and storehouse were made with a facade of traditional thatched roof. The premises include three stores: a soba shop, sake shop, and a tearoom. Famous is their grated daikon soba, called 'Takato Soba' (or 'Negi Soba'). Your chopsticks are replaced with a leek!

A 3 min walk from Misawaya to Honke Kanouya.

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Honke Kanouya

  • Aizu Area
  • 15

Among the simple color palette of Ouchi-juku, Honke Kanouya will draw your eyes with their brightly colored collection of goods. Lining the store front is a wide assortment of things like vegetable-shaped beanbags to ornaments to decorations to fabric accessories. All the goods presented are handmade. The eye-pleasing goods make great souvenirs for family and friends alike!

Yamadaya Teahouse is less than 1 min from Honke Kanouya.

Sabo Yamadaya Café

  • Aizu Area
  • 30

A lovely café deep within the premises, decorated with adorable items like Okiagari Koboshi (self-righting daruma dolls) and Aizu-made decorated candles. In addition to yukimuro coffee (snow-cured coffee), they’ve put together an original menu full of locally produced drinks and sweets. Feel free to leisurely enjoy a coffee in Ouchi-juku.

A 20 min bus (or taxi) ride from Ouchi-juku to Yunokami Onsen Station.

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Yunokami Onsen Station

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