Fun Hanami and Aquarium Day Trip With Kids in Iwaki City
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Get the entire family on board for a fun one-day road trip! 

Although this itinerary can be followed any time of the year, only if you do it sometime in early April you’ll get to enjoy the spectacular sight of the cherry blossoms against the pristine blue sea at Misaki Park

Misaki Park, which you’ll visit in the morning, has a long slide and a playground area, as well as wide green hills for children to run and play.

From there, it’s time for lunch at Iwaki Lalamew. This shopping complex has a food court where you can indulge in local seafood. There are play areas for children of different ages. Everyone in the family will find something to look forward to!

The last stop will be Aquamarine Fukushima, a research aquarium where the little ones will get to meet their favorite marine animals. Apart from being a fun visit, they’ll definitely learn a lot! 

Aquamarine Fukushima hosts many fun events. Be sure to check their website before your visit if you’d be interested in participating!

The three locations are easily accessible by car and have parking areas available.


Izumi Station

Misaki Park

  • Coastal Area

In the morning, visit Misaki Park, a lush and beautiful park in Iwaki City where you can enjoy views of the cherry blossoms against the pristine blue sea. There is a playground area that kids can explore, as well as a long, fun slide! You can’t miss going all the way up to Marine Tower, a tall observatory from which you can enjoy wonderful views of the Iwaki area and the Pacific Ocean.

Drive for 5 min. to get to Iwaki Lalamew.

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Iwaki Lalamew

  • Coastal Area

Lunch will be at Iwaki Lalamew, Iwaki City Tourism & Products Center. Here you’ll find shops, restaurants (with many seafood options!) and play areas for the little ones! There is a baby zone for babies 6-12 months old, another one for toddlers and young kids, a bouncy castle, and even a small arcade! There are souvenir shops and a food court where you can sit down for a family lunch. Enjoy locally sourced, freshly caught seafood there. Yum!

Drive for 4 min. to get to Aquamarine Fukushima.

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Aquamarine Fukushima

  • Coastal Area

The last stop will be Aquamarine Fukushima, a research aquarium that is great fun for the entire family—expect to stay there for a few hours, as there are many animals to see and lots to learn. Don’t forget to stop by the souvenir shop on your way out: they sell the cutest plushies!

Drive back to Izumi Station, which will take approximately 15 minutes.

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Izumi Station

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