Must See Sights of Fukushima:Halal Friendly Model Route
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  • Aizu Area
  • Central Area
  • Spring
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  • Autumn

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  • Multi day

Including halal friendly information!

This is a two-day model course by public transportation and rental car that takes you through breathtaking nature to the historic post town of Ouchi-juku and Tsurugajo Castle, home of the once mighty Aizu samurai clan! Information about halal restaurants and lodgings is available at the bottom of this page.

From Tokyo to Fukushima, you can conveniently use the Shinkansen bullet train or the Tobu Liberty train that leaves from Asakusa station. From the terminus at Aizu Tajima Station, you can easily hire a cab that offers a full-day plan to get to the historic Ouchi-juku and nearby Aizu-Wakamatsu City.
On the first day, you will visit Ouchi-juku, where you can experience the historical charm of the Edo period, followed by the castle town of the former Aizu clan, Tsurugajo Castle in Aizu-Wakamatsu City.
On the second day, get a taste for the rich nature of Tohoku. From Aizu-Wakamatsu Station, you can rent a car and drive towards the Urabandai area. Goshiki-numa, located in Bandai Asahi National Park, is a beautiful natural park named after its five colored lakes and ponds, which appear to change colors depending on the light at different times or day and seasons. Hop into a rowboat and paddle around to admire the carp swimming around in the crystal-clear waters of the lake. There is a trail that takes you around the Goshiki-numa area, where you can appreciate the hues of the various ponds.
If you happen to be visiting in the fall, you will be blown away by the spectacular array of autumn leaves in their stunning gradients of red and gold.
Finally, be sure to go fruit picking so that you can taste the delicious flavors of Japanese fruits at the end of your trip.

HALAL-friendly Restaurant ※Reservations required
[Japanese Restaurant] Kissui Restaurant
Aizu-Wakamatsu City "Halal / VG Requests OK / Reservations required"
[Chinese Restaurant] Hotel Hamatsu / Shaga Chinese Restaurant
Koriyama City

HALAL-friendly accommodations ※Reservations required
・Yosikawaya Iizaka Onsen Ryokan
・Inawashiro Rising Sun Hotel (Villa Inawashiro)

・Bandai Lakeside Guesthouse Kitashiobara Village


・Minamiaizu Kanko(Hire a Taxi for 2-hour or 4-hour flat rate plan)

Rent a Car
・Eki Rent-a-car



Asakusa Sta.

Aizu Tajima Sta.

30 min from Aizu Tajima Sta. to Ouchi-juku by taxi.


  • Aizu Area

Take a journey to the past in Fukushima Prefecture’s Ouchi-juku area. This isolated village boasts thatched-roof houses and natural streets making you feel at one with the people wholived here hundreds of years ago. Nestled in the southwestern mountains of Fukushima, Ouchi-juku is a great spot to visit thanks to its unique charm and history.

15 min from Ouchi-juku to Yunokami Onsen Sta. by taxi

Yunokami Onsen Station

  • Aizu Area

Yunokami Onsen Station is one of only 2 train stations with a thatched roof in Japan.The station is known for its great location as a cherry blossom viewing spot with a unique atmosphere.There is an irori(sunken fireplace) where tourists can warm themselves up in winter, and a foot bath sourced from natural hot spring water just next to the station.

40 min from Yunokami Onsen Sta. to Aizu-Wakamatsu Sta. by Aizu Railway.

Aizu-Wakamatsu Sta.

  • Aizu Area

10 min from Aizu-Wakamatsu Sta. to Tsurugajo Castle by taxi

Tsurugajo Castle

  • Aizu Area

Tsuragajo Castle, also known as Aizu-Wakamatsu Castle, is arguably Tohoku’s most impressive castle remembered for its role in Japan’s civil war, when it was one of the last remaining samurai strongholds. The castle was fully rebuilt in the 1960s and houses an interesting history museum within the keep. The grounds of Tsuruga-jo are an excellent place to catch Tohoku’s cherry blossoms in mid-April and the view from atop the outer walls is particularly impressive.

20 min from Tsurugajo Castle to Higashiyama Onsen by bus.

Higashiyama Onsen

  • Aizu Area

Stay at Higashiyama Onsen
*Dinner at Kissui Restaurant
Higashiyama Onsen is a quaint hot springs resort on a hill just east of Aizu-Wakamatsu. There are numerous hotels, ryokans, and shops along with a beautiful river. There are many traditional ryokan to choose from, such as Makaitaki or Harataki. These classic Japanese-style accommodation often have baths near the river and beautiful gardens.

Aizu-Wakamatsu Sta.

  • Aizu Area

Rent a car at Aizu-Wakamatsu Sta.

40 min from Aizu-Wakamatsu Sta. to Goshiki-numa Ponds by car

Goshiki-numa Ponds

  • Aizu Area

The Goshiki-numa Ponds of Urabandai are a cluster of five volcanic lakes at the foot of Mt. Bandai. When Mt. Bandai erupted in 1888, the Five Colored Lakes were formed; in actuality there are dozens of lakes, but the Goshiki-numa are the most famous. It was thanks to the eruption that the lakes each took on rich color; the various minerals found in each lake give them a unique color and create a mystical aura.

10 min from Goshiki-numa Ponds to Bandai Lakeside Guesthouse by car

Bandai lakeside Guesthouse (Lunch)

  • Aizu Area

90 min from Bandai lakeside Guesthouse to Jododaira Visitor Center by car

Bandai-Azuma Skyline

  • Central Area

This sightseeing road that runs from Fukushima City's Takayu Onsen to the Tsuchiyu Pass, commanding panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.The spectacular views that stretch out at an average altitude of 1,350 meters attract visitors time and time again, and Bandai-Azuma Skyline has been selected as one of the 100 Best Roads in Japan.

Jododaira Visitor Center

  • Central Area

Jododaira Visitor Center, located at an altitude of 1500 m, stands partway along the Bandai-Azuma Skyline sightseeing road. Jododaira acts as a base to spend the day hiking nearby mountain routes, including Mt. Higashi-Azuma (1,975 m) and Mt. Issaikyo (1,949 m).

90 min from Bandai lakeside Guesthouse to Jododaira Visitor Center by car

Marusei Orchard

  • Central Area

Fukushima Prefecture’s peaches are famous both at home and abroad. Fukushima’s peaches are particularly popular in countries such as Thailand and Malaysia, where they are imported by the ton! Try them at Marusei Orchard in summer, or apples, nashi pears, grapes, or cherries - depending on what time of year you visit.

30 min from Marusei Orchard to Fukushima Sta. by car ※Return the car.


JR Fukushima Sta.

Other Trips

One-Day Drive in Minamisoma City
One-Day Drive in Minamisoma City

One-Day Drive in Minamisoma City

Located in the Northeastern part of Fukushima prefecture, Minamisoma City is one of the main hubs in the prefecture’s coastal area. The city perhaps draws the most crowds in July for the Soma Nomaoi festival, an event featuring horseback riders in samurai attire, which developed from an ancient samurai practice of military drills with horses. Outside of the event times, visitors can still experience Minamisoma’s equine traditions year-long. Once a vital enclave for the Soma samurai clan, Minamisoma specialized in manufacturing and the military during the most pressing years of Japan’s modernization. Many samurai customs continued; for one, people kept breeding and caring for horses even when this practice disappeared from most other places in Japan. In 2011, the city suffered greatly from the triple disaster triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Despite difficulties, people have sought to pass on their heritage to new generations, adapting samurai traditions to modern times to continue cultivating their love for horses. The city is reachable from Tokyo in a few hours by car or public transportation, but this itinerary is designed specifically for driving. By horseback riding along the coast, having lunch at a cafe that has made a significant impact on the community after the 2011 triple disaster, and visiting a National Historical Treasure that is over 1,000 years old, you will travel through ancient history, medieval history, and modern times in Minamisoma.

Ultimate Fukushima Prefecture Road Trip
Ultimate Fukushima Prefecture Road Trip
Ultimate Fukushima Prefecture Road Trip

Ultimate Fukushima Prefecture Road Trip

This trip highlights some of the best Fukushima has to offer and is perfect for those looking to get the most out of the prefecture in a limited time. Take in castles, nature, traditional villages, and more as you treat yourself to local styles of soba and ramen along the way. Renting a car is a must if you want to hit all the spots on this tour. You can take it slow and complete this trip over three days, or skip out an overnight stay in Urabandai area, and do it in two days. Start the day from Fukushima Station with a scenic drive to the the beautiful Urabandai region. We recommend taking the Bandai-Azuma Skyline road so that you can enjoy a mountain drive and check out the great sights at Mt. Azuma-Kofuji. From there, take the stunning sightseeing road Azuma-Bandai Lake Line into Urabandai. Explore the Urabandai area, have lunch, go on a walk around the five-colored ponds of Goshiki-numa, and maybe even take a dip in a hot spring or two. Choose whether take it slow and stay the night in Urabandai area, or whether to press on to Aizu-Wakamatsu City.  Later that day - or the next morning, depending on your schedule - head into the castle town of Aizu-Wakamatsu City where samurai culture is prevalent. The majestic Tsurugajo Castle offers beautiful views of the surroundings from the keep. Check out the nearby Tsurugajo Kaikan to paint an akabeko or two and maybe have some lunch. Then explore the mysterious Sazaedo Temple and the surrounding Mt. Iimoriyama area. From here, we suggest staying overnight in the city. There are plenty of budget hotels in Aizu-Wakamatsu, but if you are looking for something traditionally Japanese, we recommend looking into lodging at the nearby Higashiyama Onsen hot springs town just east of the city. On the next day prepare to jump into the past with a trip to the Ouchi-juku mountain village. You can spend hours here shopping and eating local foods while walking up and down the street lined with traditional thatched-roof houses. Lastly, head to the To-no-Hetsuri Crags, a natural monument filled with towering cliffs overlooking the Okawa River. Cross the nearby suspension bridge which offers breathtaking views of the surroundings. After getting fully refreshed head back to Shin-Shirakawa station by car, drop off your rental car, and connect back to Tokyo or the next stop on your journey!